Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Poetry Recital

We learn, create and share our learning everyday in class. But on Tuesday, we shared poems that we learned in class with the rest of our school. Everyone did well, they spoke so clearly and confidently. 

Have a listen to what we have shared. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Book Character Dress Up Day

What a day it was!

Have a look at these photos for more details of that day!

We all had fun!!

Kaiza-Blaze (Gruffalo), Shane (Little Red Riding Hood), Peiten (the old man), Sivi (Hunter), Diamond (Goldilocks), Kira (Fairy godmother), Sebastian (Gingerbread man), Haloti (Hungry Caterpillar), Peni (Mouse), Daniel (Troll), Marcus (2nd Billy Goat Gruff), Tini (1st Billy Goat Gruff), Kalo (Cindarella), Manu (Prince), Palu (Billy Goat Gruff #3), Simione (The King), Iverson (Maui), Hohepa (Jack - in the Beanstalk)

Mrs Ripata (Rapunzel), Volunteer, Ms Moala (Little Red Riding Hood), Ms Jodie (The Witch), Mrs Pau'uvale (Mrs Wishy Washy)

Clickety Clack Cicada

Learning a poem could be difficult sometimes especially with unfamiliar words. Using actions or kind of movement helps students (especially ESOL students) to make connections in some way to learn the words and the structure of the sentences. 

Room 1 has difficulty in saying words in this poem, but movements / actions helps students to say the words correctly.


Monday, June 11, 2018