Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ant and the Grasshoppers

It is important to be prepared and work hard in case hard times occur. Enjoy!

Ant and the grasshoppers.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Welcome Everyone!

Our term 4 started off well!! Everyone came back to school with excitement, they were all talking about their holidays and all the things that they did. We spent some time talking and sharing our experiences and stories. 

We had a new boy started on Monday, the first day of the term. It was exciting for him to be at a new learning environment and it was also good for all of us to meet this new boy. We all welcomed him to Room 1 with big smiles and we are hoping that he will enjoy his new family.

On Thursday, one of the teachers from GI kindergarten came to visit us as part of our transition program and she was pleased to see her ex-pupils settled and enjoyed being at Glenbrae School. Here are some photos she took on the day she visited us. 

We are looking forward to working together with everyone in this term.