Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room 2 - Haka Dance

  Ki Raro! Hope!

    Maihi!    Raparapa!

  Roro!        Amo!

   Tahuhu!      Hekerangi!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How do you perform a Maori 'Haka'?

First we get our ‘chin moko’ marked to show that we are happy and ready to perform our ‘haka’.

My toy men!

I made two toy men out of all the shapes I know and they look happy just like me.
Arizona Cooper

Using Shapes to construct a Picture

Look at my colourful house! 
I use all the shapes to build my house.
Ruth Lahari

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Olympic Day with GI kindergarten

I raced with my friends to the end of the field. We had a spoon and egg race with my friends too.

I had a race with my friends. The kindergarten had a race too. My friend won the race. We had an egg and spoon race and I had a yellow egg.

Our mini-Olympic games

I had a race with my friends. It was an egg and spoon race.

Room 2 Mini-Olympic Games

I had a race through the shapes. I enjoyed the egg and spoon race.

Our Mini-Olympic Games

I went through the shapes. I played a running game too.


Off to the Museum

Last Monday, we went to the museum by bus. In the bus, my friends and I were laughing and singing. At the museum, I saw an elephant and a monkey. I also saw a big volcano. I felt very happy.
Mele Langi

At the museum.

Last Monday, the junior school went to the museum by bus. In the bus, my friend and I were singing and my friend was sitting on the chair laughing at me. At the museum, I had fun with my friends playing at the tree house. After playing, I was tired then we went back to school by bus.

Trip to the Museum

Last Monday we went to the Auckland Museum by bus. In the bus, my friends and I were singing and looking at the mountain outside. At the museum, my friends and I were looking at lots of things like the Marae. At the end of the day, I felt happy and good.

My mihi

Poetry Recital

We learn, create and share our learning everyday in class. But on Tuesday, we shared poems that we learned in class with the rest of our sch...