Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Room 2 - Haka Dance

  Ki Raro! Hope!

    Maihi!    Raparapa!

  Roro!        Amo!

   Tahuhu!      Hekerangi!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How do you perform a Maori 'Haka'?

First we get our ‘chin moko’ marked to show that we are happy and ready to perform our ‘haka’.

My toy men!

I made two toy men out of all the shapes I know and they look happy just like me.
Arizona Cooper

Using Shapes to construct a Picture

Look at my colourful house! 
I use all the shapes to build my house.
Ruth Lahari

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Olympic Day with GI kindergarten

I raced with my friends to the end of the field. We had a spoon and egg race with my friends too.

I had a race with my friends. The kindergarten had a race too. My friend won the race. We had an egg and spoon race and I had a yellow egg.

Our mini-Olympic games

I had a race with my friends. It was an egg and spoon race.

Room 2 Mini-Olympic Games

I had a race through the shapes. I enjoyed the egg and spoon race.

Our Mini-Olympic Games

I went through the shapes. I played a running game too.


Off to the Museum

Last Monday, we went to the museum by bus. In the bus, my friends and I were laughing and singing. At the museum, I saw an elephant and a monkey. I also saw a big volcano. I felt very happy.
Mele Langi

At the museum.

Last Monday, the junior school went to the museum by bus. In the bus, my friend and I were singing and my friend was sitting on the chair laughing at me. At the museum, I had fun with my friends playing at the tree house. After playing, I was tired then we went back to school by bus.

Trip to the Museum

Last Monday we went to the Auckland Museum by bus. In the bus, my friends and I were singing and looking at the mountain outside. At the museum, my friends and I were looking at lots of things like the Marae. At the end of the day, I felt happy and good.

My mihi