Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Grumpy Bear

The students in Room 2 are new entrants. They love to read and act. They love watching film clips and were excited when we planned to act in our film 'The Grumpy Bear'.
Please watch our movie and leave a comment about the story and our acting.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Narrative - Week End

On Saturday I had a broken leg. My mum took me to the hospital. The nurse made my leg better. Kalo

narrative - Week End

On Saturday I fell down on my scooter. My nana helped me to get up. I felt good when my nana got me up. Jeziah

Narrrative - Week End

On Saturday I fell down when I was running. My mum helped me to get up. My mum put a plaster and I felt better. LJ

Narrative - Week End

On Saturday I fell off my bike. My mum took me into the house. She put the plaster on my leg and I felt better. Mokoare

Narrative - Week end

On Sunday I fell over because someone pushed me. My mum helped me to get up to put plaster on. I felt better when my mum helped me. Lewis

Narrative - Week end

On Saturday I had a sore leg. I went to a far hospital and my mum took me to the nurse. The nurse took me to a room and put a plaster on my leg and I felt better. Skye

Friday, August 2, 2013


My boat is taking people around. It can takes containers too. I like my boat.
LJ Su'a


I like my lovely little yacht. Yachts take people around from country to country on the sea.

Jeziah Burrell

This is me!

I am using my feet to walk from place to place.

Junior Wharekawa

Silver Train

Look at my train. I like travelling on trains.

Kevin Brack

My van.

My van is taking my family around. It is an orange van.


My submarine.

This is a red submarine. Submarines travel under the sea.

Iraia Wensor

My green helicopter.

This is a helicopter. Helicopter takes people through the air. I like to be on a helicopter.

Kalo Tukuafu

My car!

Look at my car! I really like my silver car.
George Williams

Our main question in term 2... with sub-questions of course!

Transports are so important! We need them if we want to go from one place to another place. Everyone in room 2 thinks that we are very lucky. We are lucky for the fact that we have these transports to help us see families and friends in other places or countries. We had so much fun learning about this topic.

Room 2

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Plane!

My  tiny  plane  takes  me  to  school.  Bianca

My Bus!

Look  at  my  bus!  This  bus  is  taking  people  to  the  beach!  Kevin

My Little Plane!

My  plane  is  going  to  pick  up  my  mum.  LJ

My little airport truck!

Look at my truck! Look at the driver too! He is taking some stuff around the airport! Harlem Teremoana

My helicopter at the airport!

Look at what I have made! I made a helicopter and a little truck on the side is for the bags. I can do it! Boyd Ririnui

My bike!

Look at this bike! I made it myself. I am so proud of what I can do! Lewis Kem-Wilson.

My Rocket!

Look at my rocket! I made this with sticks and some of the blocks. Isn't it cool to make your own rocket! Keio Finau

My dream car!

Look at my dream car! Look at me on top of my car! Iraia

Sunday, March 3, 2013

GI Kindy came to visit us on Tuesday the 26th Feb 2013

 Boyd shows it all with the smile on the face!

 We are waiting for someone to push us!

 Iraia is trying to push them around.

 Skye is sharing the toy with the GI Kindy children.

 We look after each other.

 Melina is showing that girl how to do it.

 AJ is trying his best.

 Mokoare is helping that Kindy child to lift the bucket full of sand.

 It is my turn now.

 Kalo is having a break under the tree.

 Harlem is trying the other way.

 We love it at Glenbrae School.

 Musika is happy to be on his own.

 Boyd again!

 AJ trying to chill out in the tunnel.

 I can climb on this one, Mrs Ripata.

 Look at the teacher Jane, trying to show you that she can do it too.

 Mokoare is enjoying it.

 Waiting for fruits lols

 Ngakiri and the girls are having fun.