Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Plane!

My  tiny  plane  takes  me  to  school.  Bianca

My Bus!

Look  at  my  bus!  This  bus  is  taking  people  to  the  beach!  Kevin

My Little Plane!

My  plane  is  going  to  pick  up  my  mum.  LJ

My little airport truck!

Look at my truck! Look at the driver too! He is taking some stuff around the airport! Harlem Teremoana

My helicopter at the airport!

Look at what I have made! I made a helicopter and a little truck on the side is for the bags. I can do it! Boyd Ririnui

My bike!

Look at this bike! I made it myself. I am so proud of what I can do! Lewis Kem-Wilson.

My Rocket!

Look at my rocket! I made this with sticks and some of the blocks. Isn't it cool to make your own rocket! Keio Finau

My dream car!

Look at my dream car! Look at me on top of my car! Iraia