Friday, August 29, 2014

Trip to the Museum

Dear Mum and Dad
I went to the museum
with parents and teachers.
We had some morning tea
first and then got into
groups. After that, we went
into the insects’ room and we
had fun looking at them. My
favourite part was when I
saw a big colourful fish.


Dear Mum and Dad,
On Friday, we went on a school
trip to the museum. When we got
there, we had a little morning tea
then we went to see the different
animals and insects. We saw frogs,
birds, spiders, tigers and Nimo, the
fish with his friends. I liked it when
Nimo and his friends were playing hide
and seek in the big tank. I also liked
seeing all the different sea animals. I
went to see different types of
butterfly and birds too. I saw beautiful
and colourful birds and spiders. I saw
a black big spider and I went to see lizards. I saw green and brown lizards too. I had a good day with our friends at the museum.
Mele F

Dear Nana
I went to the museum and I saw
heaps of cool stuff. I saw a movie
in a house about an active volcano.
I looked at the volcano and it looked
so scary. The sign outside the volcano
said don’t climb and we didn’t climb. We
went around looking at other things and
I saw a lion that looked so different
from other lions. After that, we had
lunch and then we went to play until we
went to the bus and came back to school.
I had fun over at the museum. It was so
fun and I love to go back again.