Friday, April 24, 2015

Using the correct mathematical language to explain our thinking.

Wuatai's footprint is bigger than Litia's footprint. Wautai

The bear's footprint is wider than Tumanaako's footprint.  Tumanaako

Beatrice's footprint is the smallest footprint.  Beatrice

Talyn's footprint is the longest footprint.  Talyn

Lori's footprint is shorter than Talyn's footprint.  Lori

Dinosaurs and Butterflies

As part of our learning in Term 1, we learnt about dinosaurs and butterflies. We visited Butterfly Creek and we have seen a lot of robotic dinosaurs and real butterflies. It was a great learning for us. Here are some of the things we did to enhance our learning; drawing, colouring, writing a story and making our own Room 4 Dinosaur Kingdom.

Field of Remembrance at Glenbrae School

On Thursday morning, we laid crosses on the field in front of our school garden, as a remembrance of our loved ones who died in wars. 

Beatrice, Joshua, Wuatai and Hayden represent our class with our crosses. It was a wonderful day and we have learnt a lot from our guest speaker's speech.