Friday, February 17, 2017

Our first day with Get Set Go people

 Balancing with one knee on the floor.

Balancing on one side with one knee and one elbow.

Balancing with one hand and one foot.

Balancing the frog on our neck.

Balancing the crocodile on our elbow.

Got an award on Friday

We were so happy on Friday because Mrs Ripata gave us certificates. Faith

Water Fun Day

I had fun on Friday because we had water fun day at school. It was so cool. Kaylarni

Best Day at school

We had water fun day on Friday and I loved it. I got wet but it was all right because I had my togs on. It was the best day at school. Mikayla

2017 Water Fun Day

This is us at one of the stations. We were having so much fun. 


Swimming - Week 3

Look at me. I like swimming. Uirangi

I like water. I am learning to make lots of bubbles. Mikayla

I am Kaiya and I really like swimming. It is so cool in the water. Kaiya

Look at me. I am good at swimming. Kaylarni

I like the water. I like swimming every day. Breanne

I am Umu. I am learning to make bubbles with my mouth. Umu

We enjoy swimming. Come and join us. Umu, Breanne and Destiny

 Kick and kick and kick .. 

My dad helps me in the pool.  Faith

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Our first week at school with what we have done so far!!

First day at school (2017)

Everyone had a wonderful day. Students enjoyed the new environment and started making friends with each other. I really enjoyed working with them on this first day.

 Toe'umu ... Uirangi ... Reece ... Breanne .... Faith Munu ......  Athena
abs - Alapasita and Mikayla