Thursday, March 23, 2017


In the past three weeks, our learning focused was on attending to initial letters and common inflections while reading.

This became a focused after hearing my learners left out some of these when they speak or read. Remind you that almost all my students are second language learners of English so it is difficult to pick up these little sounds when talking.

We therefore made it as a big thing, everytime they read a book they must make a specific attention to the initial letter of words that they may not know, and also attend to the ending sound of every word in their book. We were specifically looked at words that end with 's, ing, ed'.

It was hard at the beginning but after sometime, it became a habit for my learners.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Road Safety - by Athena

I crossed the road with my mum. We looked both ways before we crossed.  


Road Safety - by Faith

I crossed the road with my friends. I looked both ways before we crossed.  


Road Safety - by Kaylarni

Before we crossed the road we looked at both ways for cars.  


Safety in a car! - by Mikayla

We put on the safety belt in the police car. We sat on a booster seat.  


After school - by Athena

Yesterday after school I went to the shop with my mum.  I like the shop.


After school - Faith

Yesterday after school I played with my friend, Simaysh.  My sister Undreanna was playing with us too.


After school yesterday - by Kaylarni

Yesterday after school mum picked me up and took me home.


After School - by Uirangi

Yesterday after school I went home with mum and dad. We walked to the shop to get some food first.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Early Words

Reece is learning to read all these early words fluently and be able to recognise words quickly.