Friday, February 20, 2015

Our second week at school - "Stepping Out"

'Stepping out' aims to encourage and assist children to behave in a safe way as pedestrians or passengers in a traffic environment. 
  I keep safe in my car by sitting in a booster seat with my child restraint done up.  --- Hayden

We want to help keeping our school safe ... 'stop, look and listen.. before you cross the road' --- our message to you all.                                              Back Row: Constable Beatrice, Constable Genevieve. Front Row: Constable Rauru, Constable Ruby, Constable Inoke

 We keep ourselves safe by keeping our safety belts on all the time. --- Undreanna and Tumanaako

 Remember that sitting nice and still in the car will keep you safe. --- Joshua

 We are making sure that our seat belts are tight around us. --- AJ and Rauru

 I keep safe by keeping my seat belt on all the time. ---- Genevieve

 Young Constables from Room 4 are getting themselves ready to go on duty. 

 Constables: Wuatai, Tumanaako, Hayden, Undreanna and Joshua

 Inoke knows what to do now... sit in a booster seat and seat belt on at all times.

 Constable Litia MJ is ready to teach students in Room 4 about the safety in and around vehicles.

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