Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Intensive Oral Language - Native Bush

We made kowhai trees with play dough. We talked about their colours, named all parts - such as leaves, trunk, flowers, branches -  Ms Michelle, our student teacher helped us with our work.

We made a kauri tree too. We have learned that kauri tree is the biggest tree in the forest. We saw a kauri tree at Arataki Forest. It was big and old. We think it was 600 years old. 

We used pipe cleaners to make our own native plants. We were able to make a nikau tree because it was easy. It was fun making native trees with things like pipe cleaners because we have to be really creative. 

Look at my kauri tree!

This is my kowhai tree. It has yellow flowers and green leaves.

Safety on the Road

Constable Jude helped us learn how to walk home safely. If we are going by car, we need to remember our car seats/booster!! 

We took a little walk - Constable Jude taught us what to do when walking - which side of the footpath is the safest side. 

 - stop, look and listen - before you cross the road!! 

Well done Room 4.!!

It was fun at the Auckland Art Gallery.

It was a long day but we loved it. We had to make some patterns with shapes. We also had time to talk about the pattern we made. It was fun because we all wanted to make different patterns.

Maths Time

At Maths Time, we encourage each other - with the help of the materials, to talk and attempt explaining their thinking using some of the named mathematical language.

At Glen Innes Kindergarten.

We had lots of fun at GI kindergarten. We played with the dough, trying to make a cuppa tea for our teachers. It was fun at the GI kindy.

We had to share morning tea with them. We ate their fruits, it was really yummy. We sat around the table and it was fun.

The girls went outside and played with some of the outdoor toys. It was good to see Rose and Elodie enjoyed themselves with the little trampoline. We love to come back, GI kindy!