Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Intensive Oral Language - Native Bush

We made kowhai trees with play dough. We talked about their colours, named all parts - such as leaves, trunk, flowers, branches -  Ms Michelle, our student teacher helped us with our work.

We made a kauri tree too. We have learned that kauri tree is the biggest tree in the forest. We saw a kauri tree at Arataki Forest. It was big and old. We think it was 600 years old. 

We used pipe cleaners to make our own native plants. We were able to make a nikau tree because it was easy. It was fun making native trees with things like pipe cleaners because we have to be really creative. 

Look at my kauri tree!

This is my kowhai tree. It has yellow flowers and green leaves.


  1. Hi room 4 I really love your plant art its so amazing. I see that you have being using play doe. Hope you guys had fun making those. Keep up the great work :)

  2. Hey Room 4
    I like the work you have done today. Your art work is magnificent(long word). Great Work.:)

  3. Hey Room 4

    I really liked your guys tree's. They look amazing. I love how you added little flowers to fill the tree. You guys have done a awesome job, they look like an actual tree except with playdough. Keep up the great work.

    From Tiare

  4. Hi Room 4

    Great work guys I love how you's have used your fallas imagination i also like how it looks realistic and nowhere near fake. keep up the good work room 4 you guys are awesome.

    From Juanita

  5. Hey Room 4,
    I could see in the photo's that use were having fun making plants with play doh. It looks like you have been using your imagination to make the plants. Well done, What was fun about making the plants.

    Your Sincerely
    Afu ( Panmure Bridge School )

  6. Hi miss ripata Terangi in your class is my cousin also pitara in rm1 from april