Thursday, June 1, 2017

Using of Talk Moves


  • Revoicing - clarifying “so you are saying … Did I get that right?”
  • Repeating - “can you repeat what ?? was saying …. Or T rephrase the answer and ask a student to repeat it”
  • Reasoning - ‘do you agree or disagree with what was said, and why?’
  • Adding On - ‘what can you add to the ideas she is building?’
  • Wait Time - ‘take your time’

I have been using REPEATING lots of times as a strategy to help students talk. It has been effective because it helps even to students who do not normally talk. At this year level, I also needed to use WAIT TIME. Students are too young to think fast so they take their time, not only that they are young but also English is their second language. They need time to think, process their information in their own language before transferring it into English. This was a challenge for me but I can see its effectiveness. Most students in my class are participating in the class discussion.

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