Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Road Safety - Room 1

We had Constable Jude visited us for two days. First she taught us a lesson in calss about road safety. We have learned that there are so many accidents happen on the road and some of those could have been avoided if pedestrians known better.

The second part of the first day, we went outside for a walk. As we walked, Constable Jude talked to us about sneaky driveways, pedestrians crossing (sometimes called the zebra crossing), and also the safest side of the foot path. This was really cool and we loved it. 

Before we crossed the road we learned about three ways.
- First, we walked up to the kurb and made two steps back.
- Secondly, we looked at both ways to check and listen for vehicles coming on the road.
- Lastly, we crossed the road but we did not stop checking on both sides of the road.

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