Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Safety - From Room 1

Constable Jude visited us for the second time, and she talked to us about being safe in a car. After a long talk in class we went out to the Police car for demonstrations.

We all went into the police car and she showed us how to buckle the seat belt and how to sit on a booster seat. It is more safe on a booster seat than sitting on the car seat with the seat belt on. We found out that at our age, we still need to sit on either a car seat or a booster seat until we are seven years old or until we are very tall. 

Thank you Constable Jude for helping us to know all these things. We are going to share it with our parents and the rest of our whanau.

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  1. Well done Room 1, it is important to know who the people in your community are who can help you.
    Mrs Carter.